Jared Varner

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Timeless Roofing Solutions is your one stop shop for everything roofing. Timeless partners with the best roofing contractors across Alabama to provide you with cost efficient and cost effective roofing solutions. Commercial & Residential

Your Service or Product Expertise
• Roofing Consultant (Commercial & Residential)
• Insurance Restoration
• Coatings
• Woodshake
• Stone slate
• Ivory
• Tile terracotta
• Concrete tile
• Asphalt shingle
• Metal roofing
• TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin)

Why should you work with me?
Timeless offers you peace of mind through:
– Deciding on a roofing product
– Deciding on a roofing contractor.
– Through the insurance restoration/claim process.

Timeless offers free initial consultations and assessments.

What is your passion in business?
Growth: Developing people & Careers
Education: empowering understanding
Service: Results first
Community Elevation: Together we make the difference
Reliability: Workmanship with accountability
Integrity: transparency