Charles Moses

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Charlie utilizes his tax and business degrees in advising businesses and individuals in their planning needs and strategies to preserve assets and avoid unnecessary taxes. He has practiced as an Alabama attorney for 50 years and offers his experience to clients in many areas of business and life circumstances. Anne Moses, his partner (and wife) is one of only 3 Certified Elder Law attorneys in Alabama, and is engaged in complex taxable estate plans and Medicaid eligibility planning. Jason Stuckey is engaged in business plans, land development, healthcare businesses and doctors, and estate planning. Randy May is engaged in trade mark, patent and other intellectual property protections, business issues including bankruptcy, land issues including zoning, and estate planning.

Estate Planning today is even more important than when the estate tax exemptions were much lower, because of the income tax implications for the estate that is exempt under current law. Charlie advises that preserving step up in basis and portability of the exemption are high on his list of important actions for clients to take. Even more importantly the small business is faced with immediate opportunities under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 effective January 1, 2018.

Charlie can help you form the business, structure the sale of your business, or the acquisition or expansion or reorganization of it. As general counsel or independent director he can advise on important and necessary compliance and performance issues affecting businesses.