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Team is in a league by itself when it comes to the industrial, commercial and residential elevator contractors. We are a small family owned business that prides itself on setting up programs and providing the highest quality and reliable elevator service while giving our customers the best value. We get to know you and your building so you don’t have to know your elevator! Team will put in place a detailed, comprehensive, and very successful program for elevator renovations and maintenance for all our industrial, commercial residential contracts. We provide elevators, escalators and dumbwaiters and innovative solutions for sustainable maintenance and modernization programs.


  • Small – Owned Family business capable of any size elevator, maintenance, service, construction or renovation.
  • Experts in all areas of elevator, escalator and dumbwaiters
  • Have a large network of suppliers and associates to back up our work.
  • We only sell and install non-proprietary elevator control equipment
  • Our Principal associate sit or has sat on many of the industry boards and codes committees from the Alabama Department of Labor Elevator Safety Board, which he chairs, National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC), Elevator Contractors of America(ECA),International Union of Elevator Constructors(IUEC )NEIEP program as well as many others

TEAM’s foundation is built on its commitment to provide:

  • Services in a professional and timely manner
  • Accurate analyses based on the most current technology and guidelines
  • Ethical, unbiased analyses to the customer
  • Associates with true elevator industry experience and knowledge
  • Quality assurance and superior customer satisfaction

All principal associates working in the organization have extensive expertise in the elevator industry. Therefore, clients can count on TEAM associates to have hands-on experience and expertise with all aspects of the elevator industry. TEAM associates are personally acquainted with many building managers across the nation and have developed a reputation with those managers as the “Go To Company” for all their elevator repairs, maintenance, inspection, and consultation needs. TEAM is a small, locally owned, open shop company, not one of the “big union multi-national corporations”; we still do it your way.


Mr. Steber has over 39 years of experience in the operations of an Elevator Service, Repair, Installation & Manufacturing and helped create and has served as Chairman on The Alabama Department of Labor / Elevator Safety Board in and for the State of Alabama from the its creation. He previously was one of the owners of and served as President of Bagby Elevator Company of Birmingham, Alabama in which he was the driving force in creating Bagby to be the largest independent elevator service company in the United States, with offices in seven states and over 150 employees. He is also the past Vice President/Operations Manager of Elevator Maintenance & Repair Inc. (EMR) of Montgomery, Alabama and was responsible for the 50% growth before KONE acquired business.

Mr. Steber assisted with the creating the Elevator Contractors of America Association and served as Chairman of the Board; held numerous positions on the Board of the National Association of Elevator Contractors; served numerous times on National Elevator Code Committees; served on the Boards multiple times for various independent elevator service companies and is a past member of ENTEC Services Inc. that performs stack testing and pollution control work worldwide. Past board member of The Alabama Association of General Contractors (AGC), Better Business Bureau of Central Alabama, The Associated Builders & Contractors of Alabama (ABC) and Camp Smile-A-Mile where he chair the board and is a current Board member of The Greater Birmingham Association of Home Builders (GBAHB).

Ideal Referral:

The ideal referral would be anyone who has elevators and elevator issues. Like Office building, Condos or Apartments Building were someone is always struggling with why is that elevator down again! Or do you know what it cost for that union elevator man to come out to fix’s my elevator???

Arthur Steber Named Associate of the Year by Greater Birmingham Association of Home Builders

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (Sept. 24, 2021) — From a crowded field of industry leaders, the Greater Birmingham Association of Home Builders (GBAHB) has named Arthur Steber 2021’s Associate of the Year. The award is presented annually in recognition of a member’s outstanding contributions to their craft, the Association, and their community. Steber accepted the award at the GBAHB’s annual Associate Appreciation Night event on Thursday, Sept. 23, 2021.

Steber received the honor in part due to esteem earned while serving as the current president and CEO of Team Elevator, a Birmingham-based company specializing in residential and commercial elevator installation, maintenance, consultation, and more. Further, Steber brought over 38 years of experience in the elevator industry to bear when being considered for the Associate of the Year prize. He has also served as chairman of the Alabama Department of Labor/Elevator Safety Board and held numerous positions on the Board of the National Association of Elevator Contractors, among other career milestones.