Ronnie Bruce

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OxyMed is a full line medical equipment company specializing in sleep and respiratory care. OxyMed is home to Alabama’s largest CPAP and Sleep products showroom.

OxyMed is passionate about sleep and the adverse effects that sleep has on one’s health. When you visit OxyMed’s show room you will find Reggie White’s jersey hanging in the showroom. Reggie’s life was cut short by Sleep Apnea. Ronnie and the rest of the staff does everything possible to educate the public about the need to get tested for sleep apnea. OxyMed is also home of, Customized CPAP Therapy”.

Ideal Referral:
The ideal referral would anyone struggling with sleep issues. For example. feeling tired all the time, falling asleep during routine tasks like sitting still or driving. Someone who complains about their significant other snoring. Doctors are also a good referral source. Doctors can refer patients directly to OxyMed.