Brent Wm. Bauer

Founder / CEO • Bauer Leadership Consulting Group • 205.730.6077 •

As the founder and CEO of Bauer Leadership Consulting Group, Brent has been a lifelong student of leadership in passionate pursuit of an answer to the question: “What makes a leader worth following?”

The answer to that question is what he uncovers in each of his clients. Becoming a leader in your organization is more than just having the title of President or CEO, it’s about inspiring others to do their best, while you are doing yours. It also involves listening, compassion and organization.

Brent has more than 30 years of diverse leadership experience in corporations from Georgia, to Florida and now Alabama. In addition, he has helped numerous nonprofit organizations grow and expand by achieving shared goals and objectives.

In addition to offering one-to-one executive coaching, Brent also offers monthly CEO roundtables to companies in the $1M to $5M and $5M to $100M revenue brackets. He is the Birmingham Chairman of 12 Mavens.

Brent’s focus is on helping leaders achieve next level growth and performance in their personal life first, their professional life second… working together with his clients to find harmony between the two, while achieving game-changing results.